• Always check the User Manual for guidance on the safe use of your Clever Chef before you do any cooking.

    Remember that you will be working with hot food, so always ensure that all safety requirements are fully in place before you start any cooking and please exercise care and caution as you follow the steps in this guide.

    Take care when opening the lid as the food will be hot. Always use oven gloves and wear an apron to help protect yourself from burns.

    Also refer to the Safety information topics in this guide for information.
  • 1.

    Always plug the CleverChef into an earthed 220-240V 50/60Hz socket.

  • 2.

    Do not plug the CleverChef into an extension lead.

  • 3. Do not unplug the CleverChef by pulling on the power cord.
  • 4.

    Always unplug the CleverChef immediately after use, when moving it, prior to any cleaning or maintenance, or if the CleverChef fails to function properly.