• Always check the User Manual for guidance on the safe use of your CleverChef before you do any cooking.

    Remember that you will be working with hot liquids and steam, so always ensure that all the safety requirements are fully in place before you start any cooking and please exercise care and caution as you follow the Steps in this guide.

    When opening the lid food will be hot, please always wear oven gloves and an apron to protect against any splashing of hot food.

    Also refer to the Safety information Topics in this guide for information.

  • 1.

    Check that the CleverChef is plugged into the mains power and is switched on.

  • 2.

    Check that the inner pot is correctly inserted.

    As a safety feature the CleverChef will not work without the inner pot correctly positioned.

  • 3.

    If the inner pot is removed during a cooking cycle “POt” will be displayed.